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About Us

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"We strive to promote social cohesion by fostering a diverse and inclusive community"


We are committed to building strong bonds between communities and an inclusive society by:

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About Us

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Educate. Create. Inspire. Transform



Providing educational workshops, programs and events on specific topics in relation to but not limited to diversity and inclusion


Creating a welcoming environment to engage in regular dialogues that explore our separate and shared experiences


Fostering a climate of understanding, respect, and a sense of belonging


Collaborating with the greater community and institutions on projects and initiatives

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Value Statement

"Each individual no matter where they may come from should feel a deep sense of pride, passion and belonging to the community. Together we strive to maintain a respectful and sensitive environment, acting responsibly, and with integrity."

High Fives

We Believe

"Diversity is a source of strength, it drives innovation, and enhances our knowledge base. It is an integral part of history, culture, and community. We believe that different ideas, perspectives, and backgrounds create a stronger and more creative social environment. Through educational programming, we can come to better understand each other and build strong bonds through empathy."

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